About the Book

BookCover_It Came From the Science LabTitle: IT CAME FROM THE SCIENCE LAB!!!
Author: T. Melissa Madian
Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Science Fiction
Synopsis: It was business as usual at the Acme Science Lab, until one day a massive explosion sent the scientists fleeing for safety.

But out of the smoke and chemicals emerged an amazing new creature… Bartholomew Blob!


With the lab destroyed, Bartholomew leaves the comforts of the only home he has ever known in search of new friends and a place to live.


As he travels through golden fields his body changes color with every emotion he feels.


Life can be lonely for a blob, but Bartholomew discovers there’s kindness and love to be found in every adventure.


A deafening noise filled the air around Bartholomew. He turned and shrieked – a huge object with large, sharp teeth and four fat round legs was heading straight for him! A yellow streak ran across Bartholomew and he shut his eyes tightly, hoping the creature would not see him.

The tractor stopped mere feet from Bartholomew. A girl jumped out and ran over to him, picking him up in her arms and lifting him to her face. Bartholomew, feeling the strength of her arms, opened his eyes and looked into a pair of big, brown eyes.

“What are you?” she asked.

“I… I… I’m Bartholomew Blob. I came from the science lab across the fields” Bartholomew said.

Author Interview

Hello T. Melissa Madian! Welcome to my blog! Thank you for your time and letting us learn more about you!

Who inspired you to write? 

I have been writing since I was a little kid, and my parents were always incredibly supportive and indulgent of my creativity. I had a fantastic 6th Grade teacher, Ms. Stork, who sparked my love of literature and inspired me to push myself and enter short story competitions; several of which I won!

What led you to write? 

When the pandemic hit, I took the opportunity to step back, take a break from my consulting business, and focus my energy on something I love – writing. When my husband and I were cleaning out the basement – because what else was there to do when we were all in lock down? – I had some story notes that were gathering dust and I rediscovered the story of Bartholomew. It reignited my passion for writing fiction! I figured, why not develop the ideas into a full book for kids?

Why did you pick this genre and do you write in other genres? 

There is something so fun about writing a children’s book; it’s like tapping into a long-lost part of myself that loves adventure and creativity. I do write for business, and have just released a book related to my consulting firm’s expertise; but my plan is to continue to write for children and young adults.

How did you dream up this story and where did your inspiration come from?

As a kid, I loved science. I still do! While other kids were playing with dolls and out doing sports, I enjoyed building Legos, playing with Transformers and messing around with chemistry sets. In literature we so often see failed science experiments resulting in the creation of a terrible monster. I wanted to turn that around and show that science can produce something wonderous and imaginative. As humans, we are too quick to judge each other based on looks instead of what’s inside us; I wanted to share a story of an entity that looks different but has the same wants and needs as anyone.

What are some of your passions outside of writing?

I love to watch movies, from the classics to major blockbusters. My husband and I have been known to binge-watch a series or two. I love to read mostly science-fiction and fantasy, especially if the books are humorous, like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. And of course, I’m passionate about our cat, Pickle! He brings so much joy to my husband and me, and – spoiler alert! – he will be the subject of my next children’s book.

Thank you again for stopping by T. Melissa Madian! I enjoyed getting to know you better and I know my readers will to!

About the Author

Melissa Madian is the Chief Fabulous Officer at TMM Enablement Services Inc. As a mechanical engineer, she loves taking the science of what is possible and imagining stories around the impossible. She is a storyteller, mom to a precocious cat, and auntie to her human nephew. She hopes that this book serves as a reminder to people – adults and children – that even the weirdest and most unusual creature just wants and deserves to be loved.














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